Rock Climbing and Mountaineering Equipment Rental in Turin

rock climbing and mountaineering equipment rental in Turin - Piedmont

If you're looking for some vertical experience around Turin, Verticalife provides equipment rental for sport rock climbing and mountaineering.

In our offices in Via Argentero 6, in Torino, you can rent the following equipment:

Single rope rental (70 m.) : 15 euro (24h) / 25 euro (48h)

12 quickdraws set rental : 15 euro (24h) / 25 euro (48h)

Gri-Gri with carabiners and longes : 10 euro (24h) / 15 euro (48h)

Harness rental : 5 euro (24h) / 10 euro (48h)

Helmet rental : 5 euro (24h) / 10 euro (48h)

Rock climbing shoes rental : 10 euro (24h) / 20 euro (48h)

Crampons for classic mountaineering rental : 10 euro (24h) / 15 euro (48h)

Ice axe for classic mountaineering rental : 10 euro (24h) / 15 euro (48h)

Prices for more than 2 days rental on request.

Contact us in advance to reserve your climbing kit.

Pick up and return from 10 am to 7 pmMonday to Friday.
For pick up on Friday afternoon and return Monday morning, 48 hours fee will be applied.

At pick up 100 euro deposit is required and your ID card.


If you're first timers or you would like to be guided, Verticalife organizes excursions and climbing on the rock walls and peaks in Piedmont, Aosta Valley and Liguria.
Check more details on the ROCK CLIMBING and MOUNTAINEERING pages, or contact us.

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