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Val Pellice and The Waldesian People

Val Pellice, Alps of Italy

A wild valley with a rich history in the Alps of Piedmont

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Published: Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Val Pellice is in the northern Cottian Alps and takes its name from the Pellice river, that flows in the valley. It offers a charming landscape and a rich natural heritage with a wide biodiversity. Small villages, verdant woods, welcoming mountain huts and alpine lakes and stunning views on the Monviso: Val Pellice is a true gem in the Alps of Piedmont.
Val Pellice and the nearby Val Chisone and Valle Germanasca are called Waldensian valleys because of the religious community that settled there.
The Waldesian church was born in XII century from the doctrine of Valdo from Lyons, in response to the Christian Church corruption. The Waldensians have been prosecuted during the Middle Age, so they took refuge in the valleys, where they had to hide to profess their faith.

Val Pellice: Waldesian Valley in the Alps of Piedmont

Today you can relive and discover the centuries-old history of this people, through the different itineraries and the outdoor activities that make the Val Pellice one of the Piedmont’s Meccas for the active tourism.
There are a lot of places that are symbol of the Waldesian oppression and resistance: the “vallone degli invincibili” in Villar Pellice that was the last refuge for a group of Waldensian people fighting the Savoy’s troops, or the bandits’ route between the hamlets of Tribulet, Bera and the Gianavella, home of Giosuè Janavel and one of the last stands of the Waldesian resistance in Val Pellice.

Outdoor in the Alps of Italy - Val Pellice, Piedmont

Among all these itineraries, the Great Waldesian Trail hiking tour is the most famous, as it follows the same route which the Waldensian used to escape the French’s troops. We also organize a hiking weekend following some of those paths.
In 1689 a thousand people completed an adventurous returning journey that lasted 13 days, crossing the Alps and fighting bravely to return to their homeland. This itinerary starts from Geneva and ends in Bobbio Pellice, giving you a real taste of the history and culture of this valley.
Not just hiking: Val Pellice is a great place for many outdoor activities: rafting and kayaking are widely practised on the Pellice river.
The valley is also recognized as a great rock climbing spot, with its alpine itineraries and lots of equipped routes. The steep mountains offer also a wide range of ski touring itineraries.

Alps of Italy - Val Pellice

Discover this gem of the Alps of Piedmont with our trekking tours and excursions in Val Pellice!

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