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Val Pellice, Piedmont

Alps of Italy - Val Pellice

A Wild Valley in the Cottian Alps of Piedmont, a few km away from Turin

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Published: Saturday, 10 March 2018

Val Pellice, located in the heart of the Cottian Alps to the west of Turin, represents a great mix of wild nature, important mountains and Waldesian cultural aspects. The uniqueness of this valley is the chance to walk in a wild environment, enjoy the typical products and discover the Waldesian history.
Its history is woven from thousands of relations between man and nature. The inhabitants who settled there either by necessity or choice, to escape from persecution or to explore new places, have shaped and drawn the borders, paths and roads by building towns, villages and hamlets, erecting forts, temples and churches, cultivating fields, meadows, mountain pastures, vineyards, and woods, building facilities, canals and developing tourism.

Val Pellice, Italy Alps

Arriving from Turin you will cross several municipalities like Bricherasio, Luserna San Giovanni, Torre Pellice, Villar Pellice and, at the end of the valley Bobbio Pellice. Torre Pellice is the heart of the Waldesian valleys (Pellice, Chisone and Germanasca) and the presence of the Waldesian Cultural Centre Foundation represent the place to meet and discuss in a spirit of cultural pluralism.
In Villar Pellice is housed the Crumiere Felting Eco Museum, which explains the traiditional architecture and includes a late 19th century farm. Bobbio Pellice is the located at the end of the Val Pellice surrounded by incredible forests and spectacular mountains, a comprehensive network of trails allows various possibilities for walking, hiking, rock climbing and mountain biking.
The variegate climate, cool in summer and snowy in winter combined with the geological and geographical orientation of the valley allows the development of a rich flora and fauna which is quite difficult to find elsewhere, this biodiversity creates an enormous, lush forest, often protected by environmental oases and botanical alpine gardens.
The valley is particularly rich in fauna: several species such as deers, grouses, squirrels, chamois, marmots, ibexes, mouflons, foxes, eagles and afew wolves have chosen Val Pellice as their home.

Outdoor in the Alps of Italy - Val Pellice, Piedmont

In the villages you can find many places to sleep and a large variety of typical restaurants. If you plan to trek in the mountains you will be able to stay in several mountains huts located all around the valley.
Close to the Barant mountain hut (Bobbio Pellice - 2300 m.) there is an area aimed at the protection and enhancement of biodiversity, preserving many wild species of alpine plants: the Alpine Botanic garden “Bruno Peyronel”. This garden, thanks to its particular natural morphology, diversity of the geological substrate and the high altitude hosts more than 300 wild species of alpine flora, which can be found in the diverse environments typical of the Cottian Alps.
In addition, you can find several pastures which are still used in the summer for grazing livestock and where you can have a rest to enjoy a variety a cheese and in particular the Saras del Fen, the typical ricotta-like cheese of the Waldesian Valleys.

Val Pellice - Italy Alps

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