You are in great hands with Verticalife

Our Verticalife guides have a unique perspective that takes you beyond the ordinary to explore the most authentic places, people and food. Whether you're walking in the Himalayas or skiing down a slope in the Alps, our guides know where to go.

Our trusted guides also have an insider knowledge to make spontaneous changes to your itinerary to benefit from local celebrations, weather changes or special events. It's this fine tuning that makes the adventures of Verticalife always different and always making the best of any situation. We have enjoyed getting to know them and we are sure you'll do as well

Here is some more information you might find useful.

We select or have selected our local guides because of their safety records and because they are certified and carry a regular license and insurance.

They have experience behind them (some even decades) and know the territory in which they will accompany you (even if for some particular segments there can always be a first time).

We usually don’t hire our guides full time (US and Italy being an exception), as many of the international locations we serve are seasonal, but they are all expert professionals who work with various agencies and sometimes with their own clients. However, we always try to collaborate with the same guides so that they know our expectations, but sometimes (especially in high season) it can happen that we have a "new" guide.

All of our guides speak English fluently or at a very good level and upon request (with supplement) it is possible to have guides speaking languages other than English and their native idiom.

For those who wish, it is also possible to have a supplemental Verticalife employee, when not included (with supplement).

We are an adventure tour company and overseas unless specified, we enroll adventure guides whose role is to support you and guide you in safety, do not expect great explanations on the history and culture of places you visit or a profound interaction as could happen (not always) in Italy. However, they will answer your questions with their local knowledge which will certainly delight you. This generally applies, but obviously it changes from person to person as in any place (including Italy). They are, of course, available to help you at any time of difficulty as well as to organize extra services on-site if necessary.

Please remember that they are humans too, they can, like everyone, have a "bad" day and like everyone can be upset for matter in their lives and why not, even be sick.

“...our guide Bhalan was amazing. Knoledagebla and safe every step of the way. He helped me and supported me in some of the toughest parts and did that for the entire group while making us feel welcomed and care for... Phil Thompson.”

For program changes during the tour, due to weather, group levels, members' sickness or other unplanned reasons, guides are available to study the best alternative. If changes in services are required, the guides are required to contact our offices first and any extras are to be paid directly by you on the spot.

We advise that guides take you on your planned visits and not shopping unless specifically requested. There is a known interest from the more casual guides, to receive substantial percentages on purchases. In these cases we suggest, after having serenely assessed the individual and collective interest, to use a polite but firm attitude in refusing.

The days generally start at 09.00 and end at 17.00, with a lunch break around 12.00 (please, respect the fact that drivers and guides need it too). This is particularly true for days with cultural visits or day trips, while for example during trekking for several consecutive days the staff will be at your disposal for assistance even in the evening.

During local holidays, while we might be able to add some unexpected fun, there might be some delay and the guide may want to finish the job a little earlier to go home and celebrate with their families. We will do everything possible to avoid these delays, but we cannot completely eliminate them. The concept of time and work is often part of the local culture and for this reason, it is recommended to travel to distant places ready to make your own small adjustments in order to enjoy it the most!

During long-distance transfers, if there is no accompanying guide for the whole tour, you will usually be only with the driver. His/her level of English will be limited to its ability to do his job. So not much of a communicator but excellent at driving you safely to the next destination.

At the end of the trip, some guides might ask you to organize another trip by skipping our organization outright. While you should make your own decisions and decide on your own whether to accept or not, please consider that a guide is excellent at guiding, where an agency knows how to organize, understands your needs in the best way and chooses the right services.