You are in great hands with Verticalife

Depending on where you want to go, the accommodations that we can provide you will differ.

it is often possible to combine those adventures with exceptional cuisines and luxury accomodations.

But, please, keep in mind that we are in the business of organizing adventures, where the day outside and activities we run are paramount.

So while skiing or trekking or mountaineering with us, we will give you a taste of luxury in Hotels and Spas but also spartan Alpine hospitality at cozy, high-elevations huts.

During some of our trips, located in sparsely populated areas, such as for instance in Kyrgyzstan, there are no hotels, so we accommodate our guests in Yurts camps.

Certainly it is a "rustic" overnight stay, where refinements and private services are sometimes at a minimum, but the environment and the starry night will do the rest!

Yurts can be equipped with beds (usually 4 for each yurt, sometimes 6) or with the traditional pile of rugs and duvets on the floor (korpushka).

This varies depending on the location or even availability at the time of your booking. Usually we try to book yurts with beds.


Generally you sleep in 4 or 6 people and it is not possible, except in low season, to have a private yurt for 1 or 2 people.

It is recommended to have a good sleeping bag (0 ° comfort), but you will also receive many blankets to supplement!

Each yurt is equipped with a metal heater for heating, which is fed with wood or animal dung. Meals are prepared directly by the family with a "set menu" and you will have the opportunity to experience authentic Kyrgyz cuisine. There is always a (limited)

“...accommodations selection during our trip through the Aosta Valley were superb, welcoming, in great settings and with the most amazing meals... Eric Hurst.”

In the Himalayas, outside of large cities like Kathmandu, we stay in lodges which are simple family-run structures that can resemble an alpine refuge: there is a large dining room, kitchen and bedrooms and bathrooms.

On average they have a good level of cleanliness, although the structure can be spartan, and they have double / single rooms with simple beds or cots with a mattress and a blanket.

Generally during a trek the higher you go up the higher the quality drops, and the rooms are always simpler, sometimes in sheet metal.

Blankets are provided but it is strongly recommended to have a sleeping bag to sleep warmer (comfort temperature at least 0 °). In case you don't want to bring yours from home, on request you can rent it through us in Kathmandu.

Usually the toilets are shared, sometimes located outside the lodge, with the hot shower (for a fee) in a specially prepared cabin.

In some lodges at lower altitudes it is possible to have a bathroom in the room, but you will have to pay the supplement on the spot.

So, from guest houses in Greece, to fixed tent camps on Everest Base Camp, from Luxury hotels in the Italian Liguria to High Mountain huts in the Alps, we have an accommodation that will fit your travel style while keeping you safe and as close as possible to the experience you are seeking.