Why travel to Piemonte (Piedmont)

Why travel to Piemonte (Piedmont)

Why Piemonte?


I admit it, as a kid growing up in Turin, I only wanted to leave for what I would see on television or what I would read in books. London and Paris, Alaska and New Zealand all seemed better than what I would see every day.

After a life of traveling I was wrong, Turin and Piedmont and neighboring Liguria, Val D’Aosta and Lombardy have so much to offer and they are so close by! In fact, even France and Switzerland are few hours away, by car or by train!

Turin (and Piedmont) have been blessed with a geography that few regions can claim. Nestled in the Po’ Valley and surrounded on 3 sides by the Alps (Marittime, Cozie and Graie), with a simple few hours car (or train) ride to the Ligurian sea and some of the highest peaks in Europe has it all, including the gentle hills in Roero, Monferrato and the world famous Langhe.

Now, imagine the capital of a nation as beautiful as Italy.., it must be stunning, right?

Well Turin and many other PIedmontese cities are. Turin in particular, hosted the Savoy Kingdom and was the first Capital of Italy upon its unification. So you can find beautiful examples of Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Neo-classical, and art nouveau architecture.

The center of Turin is like a house with many beautiful salotti (living rooms).

So you have this gorgeous city with world class entertainment and in one hour you can be on the ski slopes. In no time you can be on the hills mountain biking. In a couple of hours you can literally choose to be strapped on your harness climbing Mount Blanc or suiting up your scuba gear in the warm water of the Mediterrannean sea.

Fun fact, regardless of your choice, your will be rewarded with some of the best food on the planet.

Food like Agnolotti and Brasato ingredients like tartufi and porcini, mixed with Barolo and Barbaresco wines before amazing gelatos and desert you can taste with your favorite amaro.

An art and shopping mecca, a world renowned culinary destination and the basis for endless sports opportunities, beginning with Soccer. Juventus is the best team in Italy (I would say the world) and it’s based in Turin (alongside Torino FC).

So, what are you going to do when here? Hire an e-bike to discover the city? Join us for a soccer game and to watch a game at the Juventus Stadium?

Would you rather summit one of three tallest mountains in Europe? Perhaps take a bike tour of the Langhe, through hills, castles and vineyards or go down a furious river on raft? How about skiing those slopes made famous by the 2006 Olympic Games?

Drop us a line, let us know what you have in mind, we will make sure to organize the best adventure of your life

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