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Hi there, my name is Marco Cucco, thank you for your interest in Verticalife.

We are a travel company and the coronation of my personal dream. That’s likely an over-simplification, but I always loved guiding people.

In 1997, it was my first chance, leading a group of British tourists in the mountains of the Marche region in Italy. I was never more at peace with myself than in those days. In nature, seeing the excited eyes of people looking at sights I knew so well.


Life has taken me far away from those feelings and back. Life is truly magic, hopefully we spend some of it together in one of the beautiful destinations we have chosen. We produce glorious tours, it’s a collaborative explosion of fun fueled by a community of amazing guides and travel experts.

Our itineraries are studied to give a special taste of the destination visited, bringing you far from the most crowded places and near the unspoiled beauty that nature has to offer to often discover, first hand,the local cultural heritage.

Travels and excursions are suitable for any level, and you will be always guided by professionals of the outdoors, they will lead you on the best paths according to your experience, weather conditions and fitness.

Marco Cucco

Founder, Verticalife USA

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Join us in our of our tours. Sweat during the day and enjoy laughter and great food in the evening.